Our mission

No-one likes to talk about money – especially if it’s with family and friends, it’s just so awkward.
But it doesn’t need to be. Family and friends are there for when help is most needed. Wisely has been created to bring the common practice of lending between family and friends, into the 21st century.
Our mission is to provide a straightforward mobile transaction between two individuals in a safe and secure environment. Wisely removes the need store confidential details on paper, in an email or in a Whatsapp message, it can schedule alerts and reminders to facilitate payments, it creates a record of the agreed transaction, and importantly retains the flexibility that only family and friends provide.


Who We Are


Dav Frank

Founder & CEO

A senior professional from the world of banking and financial services, having held board positions and filled COO & CFO roles. Dav has a passion for removing complexity within financial products and using technology to drive change. Dav is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a London Business School alumni and holds degrees in accounting, finance and economics.


Jacek Dominiak

Co-founder & CTO

Avid techie with a background ranging from mission-critical infrastructures within civil agencies and national governments, through to many years of fintech and enterprise development and architecture. Undertaken and led research into many parts of the start-up world whilst also being present and hands-on managing technology. For more than 15 years Jacek has brought together real business & public need with state of the art technology. He holds multiple patents and is an author of many technical and scientific publications.