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Informal loans made simple

Loans between family and friends.

Easy to set up and manage.

Less awkward.

Launching soon!

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The "Why hasn't somebody done this before?" app!

Our journey so far...

The idea for Wisely Money was born out of frustration that informal lending has not benefited from the digital leaps and bounds that everything else has (taxis, banking, food delivery and even holidays). At Wisely Money, we wanted to change the perception of informal lending whilst keeping all of the very necessary flexibility and confidentiality that such arrangements require. We are creating a simple and user-friendly platform that everyone can trust. We're empowering those that lend and borrow to do so, safe in the knowledge that there is a robust record, tracking of payments and functionality to keep dialogue open yet private.
Informal lending exists for many reasons and we are committed to ensuring that such arrangements can be managed between borrower and lender with ease, yet keeping the arrangement personal, flexible and confidential.

Wisely Money Features

Managing informal lending simply.

Secure & intuitive messaging

At the centre of the platform lies the messenger service or 'chat'.  Anything can be discussed here, confirmed or shared, confidentially. Any agreements can be initiated or amended from here and everything is recorded to avoid any disputes.  All updates, requests and reminders are here, with use of 'push' notifications you can keep track of everything from reminders of upcoming payments to alerts of payments made.

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Easy to set up

To be safe rather than sorry, you should get a written agreement, ensure that the terms are properly set out, agree a repayment schedule and make sure both parties keep copies of the originals plus any amendments! It's easy to see why this is too much of a hassle so rarely gets done. Wisely Money will take away that pain and with a few taps users can set up the loan safe in the knowledge there is a clear agreement, that both parties agree to as well as a proper record of payments and repayments.

Simple to manage

Wisely Money is a simple to manage platform for both lender and borrower.  A full record of activity, open and closed agreements is available so both parties can see what's coming, what's happened and what's outstanding.  Requests for amending the terms, holidays etc. are all available within the app and can only be agreed upon both parties consenting to the changes.  Lenders additionally have the ability to write off and forgive elements of the loan should they wish.  


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Wisely, an innovative app for informal loans.

What is Wisely?

Wisely is a new service which recognises the significance of borrowing & lending money between family & friends. Our service will make loans/arrangements easy, safe, confidential and keep the flexibility unique to such practices.

Are you a Payday lender?

No, we do not lend money. We provide tools to help facilitate transactions between family and friends. We will also seek to prohibit abusive practices and will limit the maximum interest rate that can be agreed between both parties.

Are you a Peer to Peer platform?

No, we regard ourselves as a ‘C2C’ platform. We do not introduce borrowers and lenders, nor do we hold customer funds

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130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD, United Kingdom

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